How to be amazing at Art

I hear a lot of people who say that they are rubbish at art and they can't do anything artsy, but the thing is everyone's an artist! Everything is basically art, including your face, the patterns you see in leaves, even a plain piece of paper with a small dot in the middle would be art.

So if you think you're not good at art, well you're wrong.

Realistic drawings are impressive because of its difficulty, but art isn't just all about that. You don't have to draw realistically to be an amazing artist. The key to being amazing at art is creativity and ways of expression. If you want to boost this creativity and hone your skills in art then keep reading!

Here are my top 5 tips to be amazing at Art

1. First things first, experiment. Experimenting with different medias will help you discover which medium you're especially good at and help you learn different techniques; helping you find one that's more suitable to your style.

2. Find inspiration from different artists. This will help you boost your creativeness and what to create. If you like an artists' style, don't copy it. Instead, do something similar and interpret it into your own style. You can also research how they create their artworks and experiment with that to find your suitable style and technique!

3. Use source materials. If you want to draw a person in a specific position or pose, then get one of those artist mannequins or use your a person or just search up online. You can't draw or paint, etc. without source material and you can't picture it in your mind because it's difficult to do so (Trust me, I've done that so many times and it hasn't worked for me).

4. It doesn't have to be perfect. Nothing is perfect, and art can be anything so if the person you just drew or sculpted is out of proportion or the flower you just drew looked nothing like the image, it doesn't matter because nothing is perfect! If you are not happy with your artwork or you made a mistake then improvise. Add more paint here, or draw more dots there, do whatever you think will improve it.

5. When creating an artwork, buy good quality materials and tools. If you don't, then your work wouldn't be good quality. You don't have to buy crazy expensive stuff, if you don't have money or you can't afford them then make the most of what you've got.

If you follow these tips, you could become an amazing artist and create masterpieces!


Art isn't all about impressing people, it's more about expressing yourself. So don't stress yourself out because your artworks aren't perfect. Remember, nothing is perfect. Everything is art and everyone is an artist. And PRACTICE. Practice makes perfect!

Hope this helps!

Nicole ᵔᴥᵔ

+ If you also have tips and advice, please leave them down in the comments! I'd like to know your thoughts and ideas on how to be amazing at art! 

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