Beauty Review: Etude House Philtrum (Korean facial hair remover)

Recently, I bought a philtrum hair remover from Etude House via I found this a very unique hair removal tool, so I decided to try it out and share my honest thoughts and opinions on this (weird but wonderful) product!

A philtrum hair remover works similar to threading, except it's metal and instead of continually pulling the thread, you roll the metal spring over your face, as if you're shaving, and the hair gets tangled in the spring and pulls it out as you roll it. It's a simple tool that's easy to use, easier than threading and plucking in my opinion! 

For this review, I tried the product out on my upper lip where I have a fem-stache (a female moustache lol) on my ugly bare face:


Above are the images of before trying the product out and after. As you can see in the results, the product was slightly effective and it did managed to remove hair but not all of it unfortunately. After using it, it left my skin red and irritated and I had to pluck out the remaining hair that the philtrum didn't manage to pull out.

Using it was painful - the level of pain I felt was equivalent to threading, plucking and waxing combined!

However, I still find it a simple, quick and easy way to remove hair. Whilst threading requires you to set up some thread and plucking is slow and it takes a long time as you're pulling hair individually, a philtrum simply requires you to roll it over your face like you're shaving.

- Easier and simpler to use than threading or plucking
- The spring is wide so it's quicker to remove hair in all areas
- It's pink and cute :D

- It hurts like hell
- It is not as effective as what I expected 
- I would not recommend this to people with sensitive skin!

This is a cool and unique tool but I honestly think there are better alternatives, such as waxing. But I would recommend this to people with tough skin that can tolerate pain and who want a quick hair removal if they didn't have the time to pluck or thread or wax their fem-stache or any other areas in your face with undesired hair!

I hope you find my first beauty review helpful and if you do ever try this out (or something similar) then please tell me your thoughts on it!



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