Getting a SUMMER JOB (for under 16s)

Sooo, it's that time of the month! And by that, I mean SUMMER! Because of all the free time and no more studying, I assume you would want to use that time usefully by working and earning some money.

As a 16 year old, finding a job is difficult because of my age and my lack of experience. However, age shouldn't matter. And if you're 16 years old and under, I have a few tips that may help you look for a good job over the summer.

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Now, when applying for a job you always need a CV and/or a covering letter (when asked for one). This is very important as it informs your employers of your skills, your personality, contact details and any experience you may have. To write a good CV, you can go here because this is a very useful website that helped me build my CV!

Also, bear in mind that it is not okay to lie in your CV! If you fail to demonstrate to your employer that you can juggle a bunch of coffee mugs or make a chai latte in 30 seconds as stated in you CV, then you're in some big trouble. Be honest and be yourself - that's key in almost all situations.

If you don't have much experience which you can include in you CV, then I would recommend writing a covering letter explaining your skills and why you would be the ideal employee.

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Once you've completed your CV and ensured it's not all lies, you can now find some vacancies. You can look online, one of my favourite websites to search for a job is because it's very easy to use and very straightforward.

If you prefer, you can go out to your local mall and lookout for flyers indicating vacancies or go in store and ask if they have any vacancies. I feel like doing this, with a good first impression, will make you look eager and willing to take the job and it will allow the employer to see what kind of person you are.

You can also contact any friends or family members or anyone you know who runs a shop/business or who work someplace, you can ask them for a role. I think this is probably the easiest way to get a summer job!

If you don't find any vacancies, you can always do babysitting, dog walking/sitting or paper rounds. These wages usually depend on the people you're working for and for how many hours and it's usually not that much but it's steady.

If you can't find any vacancies or you're struggling to find some people willing to hire you for a babysitting/dog walking job, then you can always volunteer! This is not a paying role, but this will build your confidence, experience and references to add into your CV and for when you're looking for an actual paying job!
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You can volunteer at your local charity shop - all you need to do is ask to volunteer and I think they hand you a form to fill in with all your details and from there you can gain the knowledge you need to help you impress employers!

All these tips are based from my own knowledge and experiences from finding a job and I hope you find these helpful! Please keep in mind that finding a job would also depend on where you live and your current situation!

Also, if you're wondering - no. I currently do not have a job yet. I only recently applied to one at a bakery and I should be hearing from them soon! I have applied to previous jobs before such as WHSmith and New Look but I guess another person took up that vacancy!

Remember, finding and attaining a job is not as simple as it seems. There are some competition to face, laws to look into (especially if you're under 16 because of child labour laws - depending on your country), bank accounts and lots of forms to complete, etc.

And also remember, to be calm, be yourself and be honest! Having a positive attitude and being true to yourself attracts employers!

I hope these are helpful and good luck! xo

Nicole ᵔᴥᵔ

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