Barrio Fiesta 2016! | Update

In celebration of Filipino Pride in Great Britain, my family and I (including my best friend/cousin, Nina) attended the annual Barrio Fiesta 2016 in London! There, we had traditional Filipino food including Tapsilog, Adobo and since a heat wave had settled in the South East we had Halo Halo - a traditional Filipino cold dessert!

Of course, to show our pride in our nationality we had to get the Philippine flag painted on our faces!

There were also Tagalog songs and music performances from celebrities that flew here from the Philippines - such as Elmo Magdalona and Janella Salvador from the new hit teleseryes "Born for you", Robin Padilla, and famous actress Jodie Sta. Maria! There was also a performance by 4th Impact, the Filipino group who competed in Britain's got Talent last year but unfortunately we came at a later time and didn't get to see them D:

We had a lovely time and because of the nice, hot weather it really did feel like I was home :)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Nicole ᵔᴥᵔ


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