Musings: The Unfolding of the New Chapter | Results Day 2016


With school approaching soon, I have been awfully busy with my new job, summer tasks for my A-level subjects and some writing! Recently was the GCSEs Results day, in which I passed all my subjects and achieved the requirements to get into the sixth form I wanted to go to. I got 2 As and the rest are mostly Bs and Cs - I am so happy that all my hard work studying for the last 2 years has finally paid off! Although I didn't achieve the grades I was expecting on some subjects, I am still very proud of what I achieved :D

With all of this occurring, my new chapter in life is slowly unfolding. Honestly, with what I've worked on and what I achieved this summer has made me feel like a new person. I feel like, with my contributions to projects such as Sacred Zine Club and Adolescent Content, my creativity in writing as well as art has been boosted; with my new job at C and H Fabrics store, my confidence has been lifted and with my recent GCSE grades I can see my future in the distance!

Right now, I'm still working on building my skills, experience, confidence and contacts for networking and I hope that this will all lead to a promising future.

This is a short post but I kept it concise due to time :/ Hopefully, next week I'll show my newest art works I've done with a new art style I'm experimenting with!

I hope you enjoyed and have a great day everyone :D

Nicole ᵔᴥᵔ

Art Collaboration with dearfutures3lf!


As part of a collaboration with my dear Filipina buddy, we decided to do portraits of each other! Leila, of, had done a digital portrait of me which you can view by clicking on this link. I did a traditional watercolour, done in an illustration style I've been practicing and on which I'll do a post about it all! Hope you like it :D

For the portrait, I drew a rough outline following with rough sketches of the facial features. Afterwards, I moved on with watercolour paints starting with light greys and then gradually moving onto colours. I then refined the outline and facial features with a black gel ink pen to make it stand out more and finished with some hard shading.

Nicole ᵔᴥᵔ

Missoni Art Colour Exhibition + LOTD


To support my studies for one my A-level courses in Fashion Textiles, I took a trip to London to visit the Missoni Art Colour Exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum. The exhibition mainly displays Ottavio and Rosita Missoni's creative process of their textiles work as well as their fashion house, Missoni. I had a wonderful time and I was lit up by the bursts of colours everywhere, from their paintings, their textiles work and their designs!

Ottavio and Rosita Missoni's experimental abstract colour paintings

A series of films showing behind-the-scenes of Missoni.

Costruzione by Luigi Veronesi (Italy 1908-98).
Original plans of Ottavio's colour patterns.

Nina being a badass.

These photos are in the order we went in when we walked around :)

Going to this exhibition really helped me expand my knowledge and give me another perspective in the fashion industry as well as fine art. Plus, the garments and colour patterns which Ottavio produced really gave me a lot of inspiration! This is perhaps by far my favourite exhibition I've been to.

Look of the Day

For my look of the day, I chose an orange and white colour scheme and because it's London I wanted to stand out - I mean, who wouldn't?

The outfit consists of an orange, pink and white striped off-shoulder shirt dress from next, paired with a bright orange short trench coat (sorry it doesn't say where it's from) along with tan Timberlands boots. My hair's up in a bun and my makeup was really simple - brown shadow along the crease topped with black winged eyeliner and then this new lipstick from Kiko in a natural pink colour :)

Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend :D

Nicole ᵔᴥᵔ
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