Last Minute Gift Ideas: The 'Goody Gift'

Have you ever asked your friend or that special someone what they want for Christmas and they said "I don't mind"? Because same. Every year actually. And, sometimes, the annoying thing is that they either don't like it, don't make use of the present I got them or complain because it's not something they liked or wanted. It's the same every single Christmas, especially with my younger sister whom I find a little bit ungrateful at times.

So, I decided to come up with this gift idea: it's like one of those goody bags you get at the end of a [children's] birthday party - those small plastic bags or boxes with a mix selection of toys, mini games and sweets. It's pretty much like that, but more 'christmassy' and it'll be suited more to the receiver's preferences so they won't complain or return the item (it's sad because it happens to me almost every year :c ).

Here's an example of a friend. This friend of mine wants to have clear skin, enjoys eating and loves food and likes to smell nice so I've gathered a Peppermint mask (the powder kind in which you add water) which I purchased during a day trip to Lille, France, Galaxy white bubble chocolate, a green tea milk candy from Hong Kong and a bottle of perfume from Soap & Glory, all (kind of) wrapped together in red tissue paper in a small gift box which I finished off with a white string tied neatly at the ends. 

I've done a similar thing with my other friend, with the same Hong Kong candy and chocolate but with a Writer's Manual and a crystal encrusted drawstring bracelet because she loves accessories and reading and writing. 

The great thing about this 'goody gift' is that it offers your friend a selection, from food, to miscellaneous items and something useful to something they like whether it's small and cheap or large and expensive. It can be in a gift bag, a box or your items can just simply be wrapped in wrapping paper or (for economical purposes) wrapped in tissue paper or even tin foil! The ideas can be endless :D

I hope that, in a way, this has inspired you or helped you when your blocked for last minute gift ideas, especially if it's for the 'fussy' and 'indecisive' friend in your life (I have many, many of them in mine). 

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! 

x Nicole ᵔᴥᵔ

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