Dear Future Self...

Dear me-in-10-years-time-or-so,

I wonder what you're feeling right now reading this. I feel like you're probably cringing at the way your past self has written, like what I've always done in all my past writing. 

How are you doing? I hope you're living in New York staying in a small studio apartment in the East Village or SoHo, or in Paris or Japan where I've always wanted to live in and doing something I love that is creating art and writing. I hope you're still running the zine, Knives & Daisies, and have turned it into a big and international publication! I hope you have nice new friends and keep in touch with old friends, laughing about how weird we were back then at 17 and how much we complained about school and GCSE's and A-Levels and all the teachers that were too pushy or too mean. 

How's your romantic life? Have you found anyone special? For someone like me with a weird and reserved personality and at this awkward age, it's hard to find that one person to truly connect with. If you have found a partner, perhaps married with children, then I hope you're happy with the life that you're sharing with them. If not, then please don't change yourself for the sake of it and stay positive because there will be someone one day. Just keeping moving forward because there are so many goals I'd love to see achieved in the future.

What was it like transitioning into the American life - joining the last year of high school, getting a job there and finding a home? I'd imagine life would be slightly better there than the UK, with so much more opportunities and new people and places to discover and new ways to develop and grow as a person. At the moment, I'm not sure about whether I should go to University so I'd also like to know whether you went and, if you did, what did you study, what was it like, was it difficult, etc. 

Are you still blogging? I hope you are. I'd like this blog to grow as I'm growing and I hope in 10-years-time-or-so this blog will bloom into something successful. Don't ever give up something that you've started, so don't give up blogging, don't give up the zine and please don't give up the dreams that I've dreamt - you are limitless.

To the me-in-10-years-time-or-so, you're likely to be reading this in a cat cafe or a Starbucks sipping a chai latte and eating a salmon sandwich by yourself in a rainy morning half an hour before going to work, but I hope you still have time to take notes or perhaps write a full letter writing back to the past me. Reminding yourself of how much you've grown, are growing and will grow into someone hopefully amazing who's travelled everywhere, met cool people and have somewhat changed the world. 

I also hope you're still grateful, humble and content. 

From 17-year-old Nicole ᵔᴥᵔ


  1. This is such a cool idea! What a great thing to look back on a read in ten years. At the start of year 5 my teacher got us to write a letter to ourselves and we opened it at the end of the year, I loved doing it. I will 100% have to give this a go!

    1. yes i know! It gives you a chance to look back at how much you've grown and i'll probably end up in tears after reading this in the future from all the nostalgia :D and i 100% urge you to try it bc it's cute and fun to do <3

      x Nicole ᵔᴥᵔ


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