This past couple of days have been the most hectic couple of days that I've experienced in my life so far. I have many many many many things that I really really really want to share, but I've decided to condense it a bit because otherwise I would've written a novella.

You know I've told you about my move to America? Well, it's happened. It's happened very quickly, in fact. It's hard to explain how I'm feeling because of the overwhelms of everything being thrown at you all at the same time, but now that I've finished my first distressing day in my new life I'll try and pluck out the strings of thoughts from the past several days. 

Day -3 of Transition
Okay, so added to the stress of stripping our house and boxing our items is packing for a last minute stupid-but-worth-it-kind of weekend trip to Paris. Of course, my sister had to book it 3 days before starting a completely new life but at least it will put us into ease especially during an agonising and stressful time. 

We travelled to Paris through the Euro Tunnel and got to our very Parisian apartment through the Paris Métro. Après, we had dinner in a local restaurant by the Eiffel Tower, where we watched it sparkle, and ate foie gras which was delishhh.

Day -2 of Transition
Once rested and ready, we had a taste of the Parisian life - travelling (in style) around the city through the Métro, walking along the beautiful quaint streets of Paris, visiting famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Musée du Louvre and Notre Dame and having a lovely lunch at La Chaumière where we also had foie gras.

Oh, and one little thing... If you are ever in Paris, especially near famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, if women approach you with a clipboard then DO NOT give them any money (they are gypsy scammers and one almost stole our €50)! 

Day -1 of Transition
After getting back from Paris, we pretty much spent the day sorting everything out.

I got in touch with my friends and spent our last time together. 

Day 1 of Transition

It's a weird feeling when you hear everyone around speaking another accent, driving on the other side of the road and seeing how everything seems bigger. For some reason I felt numb - no sadness, no excitement, no happiness. Nothing. Maybe I'm still adjusting to this new life, or I'm still overwhelmed by everything that's happened and the culture shocks from Paris and now America but I really hope I'll adapt soon and feel normal again and perhaps make some new friends. 

Any American readers out there, especially ones from Orlando, or anyone who has been through a similar experience - any advice to stay sane? 

Nicole ᵔᴥᵔ


This series of photographs is part of the next unit of my photography course, 'environment'. The principal theme behind these images is culture and cultural diversity. To further develop my concept, I've explored the link between beauty and culture by incorporating flowers into my photographs.

The model in the photograph is my Romanian friend, and for the shoot I've asked her to wear (or, in our case, re-create) her country's traditional dress. We were having trouble with spacing, so I didn't really take pictures of the full costume but I took the photographs in slightly high saturation to capture the colours and portray the vividness of her culture.

I hope you like them :) and I'd like to know what you guys think..

Nicole ᵔᴥᵔ


As a fairly lazy person who often lacks motivation, I like to tell myself and consistently repeat a line of inspirational words. I'm trying to be positive - so immersing myself into this habit will help me, not only live a more productive life, but to also grow as an aspiring individual.

After I get up, get dressed, brush my teeth and put on my makeup, when I feel like I need that positive boost to start the morning (which is pretty much every morning) I look at myself in the mirror and utter a few words that will push me to be ready for the day. Here are my motivational mantras I like to chant that helps me and that might help you.

1. I know what I want.

This is a mantra that's also muttered by Victoria Beckham, a successfully turned British pop-star-into-fashion-designer, launching her own eponymous label and with a net worth of nearly $300 million. It is that short and simple sentence said by one of the most powerful women that got her to the top and I like to use this like a magical spell to achieve my goals.

2. You are a flower in a dry desert.

I like to say this when I'm feeling down and having a really tough time that I'm urged to jump out my window. This mantra is perhaps my favourite because it tells me that despite the hardships of life I'm still blooming and growing, and even though you're getting sand in your eyes all you have to do is reach for the skies.

3. Life is full of loose screws.

I took this one from one of my favourite '80s classic, The Breakfast Club and it's one of my favourite lines. It tells me that not everything is perfect. And to continue moving forward, all you have to do is find those loose screws and tighten them.

4. Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.

As an urging perfectionist, I like things to go how I want it to go. But if things are going downhill, I like to mutter to myself this quote said by football player Vince Lombardi. Saying this when I'm in a slump will help me get up on my feet again and persevere.

5. You are so used to your features, you don't know how beautiful you look to a stranger.

Quoted by an unknown, I like to chant this beautiful sentence when I feel insecure about myself. When I'm down from a [delusional] realisation that I'm not as beautiful as I'd like to be, this helps me remember that not everyone sees what I see when I look at me.

6. You are a work art.

Saying this mantra is a reminder that I am like a piece of art, that I'm ambiguous. Everyone will see their own version of me, meaning not everyone will like what they see and showing you that not everyone can be liked all the time because everyone is different. Everyone is their own work of art and has their own opinions. It is also a reminder of how beautiful, complex and unfathomable I am. How you can see the depth and the history of a person like how you look for meanings in a sculpture. How much I can affect my surroundings, like how a painting can have an impact on our culture. And how I have a purpose in life, which is to help make the earth go around (because 'earth' without art would just be 'eh').

These are just a few words and sentence I choose to live by which raises my positive spirits, inspires me to pursue my dreams and to never give up.

I hope that these also help you in someway, and if you have any other mantras you live by it would be great to hear them!

Nicole ᵔᴥᵔ


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