East Coast Roadtrip!

In the past week, I've been busy being on an adventure and exploring more of the country I've moved to and now live in. It was an exciting and fun yet uncomfortable and long ride, but I thought the experience was worth it because I got to learn more about the American culture and visit a few states!

On the morning of 14th July, we woke up at around 3am and packed our bags and lots and lots of food in the trunk of our car. We gathered our pillows and blankets, dressed in our most comfortable clothing and plugged in my headphones ready for the 18 hour drive ahead of us to New Jersey.

I took a nap for several hours and woke up when we were in Jacksonville, only to see the beautiful yellow light of dusk filling the candy clouds in the sky. I looked through the front window and saw the empty road rolling underneath us, and with a touch of the rising sun's glow it was like we were driving towards paradise.

The journey was sometimes comfortable, but also uncomfortable; we were either too warm from the sun's heat or too cold from the air conditioning; I was tired yet having fun.  We passed through Georgia, South and North Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania and then landing in New Jersey at the end, stopping in North Carolina to visit friends who have also immigrated.

I loved New Jersey. I loved visiting New York, which was only fifteen minutes away from where we were staying, and spending time with my paternal family. Being with my cousins and relatives who have been in the States longer was relieving because they made me feel that I was at home and that we're not alone. They taught me a lot about American history, about their education system and their experiences in living here, which was very helpful.

During our one week stay, we visited several interesting places which included Liberty Science Centre in Jersey City, Central Park and Fifth Avenue in New York and, of course, Jollibee! We also went swimming where I learned to dive and basked in the sun afloat the water whereby I finally tanned !

Those past 6 days have been a journey, and although I'm not a big fan of roadtrips it was definitely an experience to remember and get to used to.

If you have any suggestions on places to go in New York for when I come back, let me know in the comments!

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