It's that time of the year: big red 'holiday sales' signs displayed in every shop, Mariah Carey's prevalent "All I want for Christmas" tune on the radio and the annual wallet-purge on Christmas gifts. A tradition of society, this is the month to prepare for the biggest holiday celebrations - however...

...if you're like me (often unprepared, disorganized, a bit lazy and broke) and you have nothing fancy wrapped in Christmassy embellished paper topped with a duo-chrome ribbon then fear not, for I have a solution to this quite common dilemma. This doesn't need the skills of a wrapping god nor the money of a millionaire, so relax and read on.

(Not a real set, it is just an example)
This is pretty much similar to the Christmas post from last year, only it targets those who are artsy fartsy and people who are interested in beauty. Known as the "Goody Gift", it is a set of things from art supplies to beauty products snugged inside a little box or a bag.

For example, the image above displays a set with a glue stick, a bottle of pink glitter (may be used for crafting), an essential oil roll-on remedy, Benefit's POREfessional primer, Windsor & Newton ink in Scarlet and Freedom highlighter.

The next image consists of Pro Markers, Nature Republic Bamboo charcoal mask, a bottle of red glitter, a Windsor & Newton ink bottle in Indian Black and a home-crafted zine.

The great thing about this idea is that it's very customizable - if your friend, for instance, is a fashionista, you can take a shoe box and put in it a mini skirt with fashion glasses and some socks - and the person receiving the gift can get more than one surprise!

Rather than spending a majority of your budget on one expensive thing, you can make it more special by handpicking items based on their interests and passion without going over your shopping threshold. Place them in a bag or a box and finish it off with cute little string. No need to pain yourself with the clumsy wrapping and waste any paper. Easy, cheap, economic and much more meaningful to your friends and families!

Have a great Christmas and let's hope for a better new year!


Fall is almost over and winter is beginning to creep up on us, but living in a tropical state there's no chill to this warm weather. So, inspired by the constant heat of Florida along with my favourite season, I've put together a few outfits that I love.

Each look is a reincarnated fashion version of my alter-egos: casually cute, retro gal and rebel chic. Since this is a fall look book, I've kept the colours somewhat dark with hues of orange and reds like the fall leaves, but staying true to the style of a summer-ish environment.


Mix-and-matches of blues and grey along with the touch of the pink scrunchie and baby heeled shoes plus a natural face, this look expresses the innocence and femininity of my character - while keeping it casual.

TOP: NEXT essentials
DRESS: WareHouse (UK)


This look was inspired by my favourite fashion icons like Lana Del Rey and Audrey Hepburn. The vintage skirt mixed with the modern sleeve-less tank top creates the look that takes us to both the past and present. 

TOP: SELECT stores (UK)
SKIRT: Beyond Retro (UK)
SHOES: Bershka 
NECKLACE: It was a gift from Hong Kong


Inspired by the angst and attitude of being a teenager, this is a look that represents the strong and rebellious side of me. The combination of the patterned corset-like top, the knitted skirt along with the denim jacket, sunnies and black high-heeled boots with dark lip - this is my favourite look, and perhaps the look that portrays me the most. 

TOP: (It's actually a dress lol) Band of Gypsies
SKIRT: Atmosphere 
SHOES : Topshop
SUNNIES: I have no idea where it came from, sorry 🤔

I hope you enjoyed my mini look-book, and if you want to see more fashion shoots of some of my favourite looks or some outfits I like to put together inspired by my surroundings then let me know!!


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