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Walking through the vibrantly quaint and picturesque roads of the old historic town of St. Augustine, the colorful houses, the beautiful foliage and trees as well as the warm weather was very reminiscent of the streets of Barcelona, Spain. St. Augustine, the oldest city in the United States, was the first city to be 'discovered' by European settlers in 1565.

During our saunter around the city, we explored the coast where we walked around the Castillo de San Marcos (Castle of San Marcos), saw the cannons they used for defense against enemy troops and even a 'pirate' casually strolling around. We saw the gorgeous view of the houses and boats across the lake, with the famous Floridian palm trees framing the scene.

The one thing I was especially fond of was the greenery. The natural beauty of mother nature - the palm trees, the lively flowers and the adorable plants - next to the rich history of the city was a joy to the eye. 

We came across cute independent shops throughout the city that sold handmade jewelry, clothes, magnets and other cute little miscellaneous items that reminds you of the beauty of the city! There was one particular store that sold shells, crystals and beach-bound signs and d├ęcor.

And let's not forget America's Oldest Wooden School House - the date of its establishment was unknown, but it is said that the earliest tax records was around early 1700s. It was an interesting tour, learning the history and how children at the time were taught and educated through interactive talks. 

The first room we came in was set like a classroom - there were children sitting in a class setting with chalkboards and math books, a boy with a dunce hat and the teacher at the front. When you pressed a button, the dunce and the teacher would begin to 'move' and explain what class was like. 

Overall, it was an amazing experience - learning the interesting history behind this old historic town, gazing at the beautiful scenery of the Spanish-esque streets and the diversity of the foliage and mother nature. There was not a cloud in the sky and the sun was out to provide me the warm golden-hour lighting that made these pictures absolutely stunning. The most relaxing day in a long time.

I hope you enjoy these photos! Let me know if there any other places around Florida you want me to visit!

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