May Book List

For this year's reading challenge on GoodReads, I pledged to read 80 books this year. One of my goals I've set in the beginning of 2018 was to continue improving my writing and expand my ideas and vocabulary - and no better way to help me achieve this than to enrich myself with books!

Over the past couple of months, I've been collecting new books and reaching out for old ones I haven't touched in years. I've found - and re-discovered - insightful and interesting books that I'd like to share with you all! Here are the list of books I've been loving and reading recently - most of which I aim to finish by the end of this month...

1. A Little Book of Language David Crystal - I've had this book for a while but only managed to read one of its chapters. But when I was organizing my bookshelf, I picked this up and started reading it from page one and I've been hooked. Crystal thoroughly explores the concept of language, giving insight into things I didn't know about - such as how the first thing babies pick up in languages is intonation and rhythm.

2. The Guest Cat Takashi Hiraide - I am in love with this book and it is, by far, one of my favorite books! With its sweet and detailed descriptions and insightful references to philosophical concepts, it's a book that warms my heart every time I read it.

3. The Moon and Sixpence Somerset Maugham - This books is particularly an interesting one. I don't often come across 20th century books that aren't classics, but I bought this one time from a secondhand bookshop. The story was interesting to me; it was about a middle-aged man who, after living a very average life, runs away to pursue his desire of painting. What drew me to this book was the title: it apparently came from a review of another book by Maugham "Of Human Bondage" where its protagonist was described as "so busy yearning for the moon that he never saw the sixpence at his feet".

These are just a few books that I've been reading recently and aim to finish by the end of this month. I am open ears for new books to read, so let me know of any new titles you'd recommend!


  1. I love the photo of you and your dog- so sweet! I haven't heard of those books but I'll definitely have to add them to my tbr list! :) My goal is to read 30 books and I'm already halfway through! But, then again, I've counted some of my comic book reads towards that goal. ;)

    Happy reading, dear!

    xx Kenzie

    p.s. that classic penguin cover is gorgeous!! <3

    1. I highly recommend these books - they're insightful and enjoyable! And omg, I can't believe you're halfway towards your goal! I'm still around 1/4, but I'm getting there :D

      Thank you and you too, Kenzie!

  2. Hi, Nicole, I found your blog thru Augustin Ra's and I'm a new blog reader of yours! I hope to read more of your posts :) I also have a Goodreads account and I added you ^_^


Thank you all for your lovely comments :) I will get back to most of you as soon as possible, so make sure you are checking back x


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