the sweater weather series | fall 2018


The sun, seeping through the soft shadows of clouds, colours her face with a golden light as she stood in her back garden to feel the breeze of an October afternoon. She feels the sun's rays pour over her face like warm honey dripping from heaven.  The wind winds through the trees, the crisp rain of rattling leaves echoing in the sky, and the dead leaves flail on the ground like dance-macabre. She was the girl who climbed trees, the girl was always kicking the fallen leaves outside her house with her high-heeled black boots that she forgets to lace up, the one who always carried her collection of books wherever she goes, who smiled at the sound of autumn under playful footsteps, the girl next door who never looked to the sky because it was always raining. 


She was always smiling and filling every stride with fearlessness. She never looked back, not even an inch over her shoulder; moving only forward with the focus of a growing sunflower. She wanted to show the world her strength. Her confidence radiated powerfully, like the beaming sun in a summer heatwave. But no matter how much energy she emitted with the force of a deity's words, she never managed to shake off the brown and maroon leaves on the trees that were on the brink of their falling. Sometimes something as soft and delicate as a fingertip is better than a paintbrush when it comes to creating an aesthetic picture. And sometimes all you need is a little breeze to see the beauty of autumn's waterfall.


Her feet are like little fronds and maple leaves that would patter on concrete floor on a windy day: always moving to the music of nature. The tips of her toes would follow the wind as it sways her dress along with the pirouetting leaves on the ground - nature stirring her in all directions while she stares at the grey clouds above her with a liberal smile, her arms wide open as if to express to the world "the Earth is mine!". Her laughter would sing with the birds, her smile would hug the lively lives around her, and her happiness would embrace the sun, to say, "I'm home." 

I tried something new to liven up the fashion look-books I did by writing mini stories that I felt resonated with the outfits I put together, drawing inspiration from my favourite season! 

Should I do more short stories like these? Let me know what you guys think :)

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