3 Women who inspire me: #InternationalWomensDay

As part of the annual and very special day that is International Women's Day, I wanted to create a post dedicated to all the women who constantly inspire me since the beginning of my advocacy of feminism. Their strong work ethic, powerful personas, and progressive achievements motivates me, as well as help me shape myself into the independently strong and determined woman I am strive to become.

I've noticed the progress of female recognition where it's becoming more and more prevalent - from Cardi B's historic win at the Grammy's, to the women of the 116th Congress. Seeing their persistence and hard work, I hope to follow a similar path of achieving my dream and, therefore, inspire other young women like me! Here's to women and all their hard work!! 🍾

Audrey Hepburn - Not only was she a famed actress well-known for her portrayal of Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's, but she also dedicated her later life to her role as UNICEF's Goodwill Ambassador. Additionally, during WWII, she performed ballet to raise money for the Dutch resistance. She's charming and effortless with a timeless beauty - a legend and icon I strive towards becoming.

Catriona Gray (Miss Universe 2018) - To me, personally, Catriona Gray embodies the powerful feminine. Her beauty, elegance, and commitment to making a difference is a true inspiration to young women all over the world. From watching her interviews, she's articulate and intelligent with a cute and charming personality! As a bicultural Filipina, her story and experience in rediscovering her Filipino roots came through to my heart, which is why I chose her on my list.

Mary, Queen of Scots - After watching Saoirse Ronan play the role of Mary Stuart in her new film Mary Queen of Scots, I instantly fell in love with the historic Queen. Her persistence and drive to reclaim the throne of Great Britain certainly served, for me, as an incentive to become a strong-minded individual.

I wish you all a positive, warm, and loving International Women's Day.
Who inspires you?

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