#LoveLettersToMyself | A Comeback

It's been a while, but I'm back. Awakened and feeling refreshed. In the few months of hibernation from the blogger's life, I've been taught many different lessons - from relationships, work, family, school, and "adulting". Lessons I will talk about through a new series I've curated known as #LoveLettersToMyself. A series of letters that help me understand myself and the way I live my life; letters that will teach me to be more grateful; letters that will help me grow back the self-love. I feel like these letters may also help others going through a similar journey, and so I share them here with you.

A small segment of this year was a period I lost myself. It happens occasionally, but sometimes you fall into a very deep rabbit hole you can't get out of that you're forced to navigate an underground world with a talking rabbit and a madman with an hat. It happens to the best of us.

After falling into this deep hole, I learned that the only option was to move forward. To look up and try to find the light. Otherwise you're gonna end up in the inevitable pit of darkness and oblivion. Striving for self-love has to be the most challenging goal that anyone will ever face - especially in a world that throws everything at you. But by continuously learning about yourself and the world, you'll possess resilience, courage, and discipline - important qualities that help you evolve into a better person.

To Myself

I hope you realize some of the mistakes you've made. I hope they serve as important stepping-stones to developing your mind. Maturity is the outcome you must always desire, and with that finish-line you've created you will come to gradually discern your boundaries and learn to overcome the obstacles that take your path.  

Remember who you are. Remember the ambitions you've set yourself up to. The standards you've built for yourself and the aspirations you claim and desire. Your best foot always needs to come forward; don't hesitate for the sake of someone else or a circumstance. 

As Humbert Humbert once quoted "human life is... a vast obscure unfinished masterpiece." There is so much you can wonder, think, dream, imagine than just worry of society. 

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