Fall Festival

Southern Hills Farm, Clermont
It's October - the month deep within one of my favorite seasons which is fall! The crisp red and brown leaves blowing through the crisp cool air and the classic pumpkin spice lattes drunken in a warm bed curled up with a book. Sunset watching wrapped in a hand-knitted scarf and sweater with my favorite boots and sweatpants, with calm music playing in the background along with the raining sound of trees against the breeze. Nothing is a better feeling than fall, the season that marks the goodbyes and endings with the falling of the leaves.

And nothing is a better celebration of pumpkin season than an annual fall festival! My family and I journeyed through the orange, puddled dirt road to Southern Hills Farms in Clermont where everyone gathered to pick sunflowers, take a tour around the farm, eat and drink with friends and family, and pretty much have a great time. We were lucky enough to slip in around five in the afternoon to witness one of Earth's wonders which is the sunset.

Here are some beautiful photographs I took...

This beautiful day spent walking in open air, smelling the flowers, drinking and eating with my family, and seeing the colors change in the sky certainly hit the mark in the celebration of my favorite season. We didn't get any pumpkins as I had hoped (for the annual ritual of pumpkin carving for Halloween), but I did pick out a bunch of flowers to curate a beautiful bouquet displayed in my room.

I hope you all have a lovely October month and Happy Fall Season! 

nicole isabel


  1. These photos are absolutely adorable! I love your name- its gorgeous.

    1. Hi Isabella,

      Thank you so much! I love your name too :)


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