How the Happy Planner changed my life

This October, I've embarked once again on a creative pursuit - HAPPY PLANNING! I've been recommended by a friend to buy the Happy Planner, a cute and colorful planner that's easily customizable with the mushroom cut paper and discs and the endless collections of stickers and accessories they provide.

This is truly an amazing product that has kept me busy, productive, and creative this past month and here's why:

Pre-designed templates

Unlike bullet journaling - which was formerly my way of planning my week - the Happy Planner comes with a variety of pre-designed pages which you could add into your planner. Although there's not complete creative freedom with a blank canvas, it's a much more efficient way to make my plans in a creative way when you don't always have the time to sit down and design elaborate templates.

Some pre-designed templates that I have is the budget tracker, where you can write down all the items you purchase to keep track of your spending and a bills tracker on the other side and a homework schedule so I can stay on top of my school work. Other pre-designed templates that they provide also includes health and fitness, social media manager, and project planners.

Easily customizable

A habit of mine I want to maintain is being creative! And the happy planner helps me with that by making it so easy to personalize your planner in your own unique way. Because their planners are disc bound, you can simply insert and re-insert pages. I love adding little notecards that say "Think Happy Thoughts" or "Stay Sharp" which I came in the student sticker and accessory bundle.

I also bought the hole punch, meaning I can insert any page I want! I could add in my class syllabus, printable meal planners, literally anything.

Keeps me productive and organized

As a working college student, I have a lot of homework, projects, tests, and appointments. For me, being the writer that I am, there's nothing better than jotting down my to-dos and organizing my thoughts to paper. The Happy Planner helps me keep productive and organizes my mind. My mind is a clutter box, and writing it down in my happy planner clarifies them, making it easier to go through my checklists and get things done like a boss.

All in all, the Happy Planner has integrated itself as an essential item to my daily life. It makes me feel like a boss, always checking in my Stay Cool planner to view my spread for the week and making appointments, plans, and schedules.

It's something I highly recommend, especially for moms, students, teachers, managers, and basically anyone who wants to be a badass bitch and get shit done. Because this will definitely change the way you organize your life.

with love,
nicole isabel

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