March Reading list: Women's edition

As everyone knows, there's an outbreak amongst us with people staying home as a means of staying safe. Since we're all currently in confinement, I decided to share my reading list for this month! I did not want to forget the fact that March was Women's History Month, so I've included in this list books for and about female empowerment!

The Happiness Project - Gretchen Rubin

This book is an interesting account of the author, Rubin, in her twelve-month long 'happiness project'. It's a book of discovery: how to be happy, what happiness is, and what it means to be happy. 

#GIRLBOSS - Sophia Amoruso

Growing to be one of my favorite books at the moment, #GIRLBOSS talks about the business journey of Sophia Amoruso - the CEO of the multi-millionaire online fashion store Nasty Gal. It recounts what she learned throughout her journey of starting a business - from initially being an eBay Vintage Shop to slowly expanding it to the beloved and influential Nasty Gal it is today. A very inspiring book and the perfect book to read for Women's History Month - specially for those aspiring to be entrepreneurs. 

You can also watch the series adapted from the book starring Brit Robertson on Netflix!

Emma - Jane Austen

With the new and stunning film that has recently came out (starring one of my favorite actresses, Anya Taylor-Joy!), I wanted to put this on the list. Being an eccentric female protagonist, written by the one of the most influential and inspiring woman in the literary world, Emma is the perfect book to celebrate the history of women. After reading one chapter in, it's definitely a more advanced read but definitely an interesting story with an interesting character. 

Little Women - Louisa May Alcott

This beautiful story of four sisters is a true representation of sisterhood - something I strongly relate to as I grew up with three. I thought it's a very empowering story: tear-jerking, heartfelt, and relatable. This book was also adapted into stunning film by Greta Gerwig that has been up for nominations at the OSCARs. I've watched the original but not this one yet - but I'm planning to soon after the outbreak has been cleared! 

What are some books in your March reading list?


  1. #GirlBoss has been on my reading list for a while now but I still haven't finished reading it yet! Lol. I'll definitely finish it this month. You have a lovely list and I love your blog, it's so artsy and minimalist.

    Bee of

    1. Hi!!!
      Thank you so much! And yes #GirlBoss is a must read ❤️


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