Ideas to safely celebrate Mother's Day

With parts of the world slowly reopening and lifting lockdowns, you know it's almost time to set up and plan a celebration for Mother's Day this weekend. But with a month of being in quarantine, it's gonna be hard for things to be the way it was. Numbers are still high, and there a lot of risks with opening the economy back up again. But no worries, as I've compiled ideas to celebrate Mother's Day whilst at home!

My beautiful mother pictured outside our holiday home in Brittany, France.

The Classic breakfast in bed

Surprise your mother with a tray of waffles and fruit with a side of black tea, or perhaps a pile of pancakes and a mug of freshly brewed coffee. Whatever it is your mother likes, gift her first thing in the morning with a classic breakfast in bed. Nothing is more heartwarming than waking up to your favorite homemade breakfast.

Go online shopping together!

Perhaps some of your favorite stores are still closed due to the outbreak, but that shouldn't stop you from online shopping together! I love doing this with my mother where we browse through online clothing shops, or scroll through Amazon looking at some of things we want. I was looking through the UNIQLO website one time with my mum, and she said she loves the colored nylon bags - so I bought it for her!

Bake her a special cake

I did this last year for Mother's Day - I bought her a cake mix and made her a chocolate cake along with buying her flowers. Though, don't use cake mix, it's better and more thoughtful and authentic if you make it from scratch! Pair the cake with a lovely present that she'll adore.

Write a monologue speech telling her your favorite moments and anecdotes

I think this is a very simple, easy, and yet heartfelt and thoughtful gift for Mother's Day. It can either be a one person speech or you can create a presentation with your siblings, if any, with pictures or videos of your young mother! Share funny stories, embarrassing moments, or what you love about your mother.

What are y'all doing for Mother's Day this weekend? If you have any ideas of your own to celebrate at home, let me know :)


  1. this is such a lovely list!! i definitely agree that you can't go wrong with breakfast in bed. ;) and the monologue really does sound heartwarming. this was such a great post, i'll definitely use these ideas for tomorrow! <3

    - Ash xx | starlight strands

  2. I love these ideas Nicole! This is such a cute, lovely post. :)

  3. Thank you for these lovely ideas, Nicole!! The last suggestion would surely make me cry (in a good way!) while reading such a speech; I can imagine myself :)) I made pancakes with my mom and it was a fun time together. Hope you enjoyed your time with your mom!

    Anna Jo |

    1. Thank you and I'd honestly cry too in a speech about my mom 😭 And I made my mom a cake and gave her a sweet smelling candle that she loved :) I'm so glad you had fun with you mom on mother's day!! ❤︎


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