Travel Journal: St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, FL, USA

With all the stress and anxieties of starting classes in a completely new and different environment, and the overwhelm of working a retail job and finishing up my associates, I'm all burnt out. This past couple months have hit me hard and have dragged me down into a fairly low point of this year; but determined to set my mind up for the right direction and get myself prepared for a whole new semester, I needed some space to getaway and reset myself. 

I've already been on a trip to St. Petersburg last year for a fishing trip with my dad and sister at a really cool fishing spot in Skyway Fishing Pier and visited the Dali Museum. But for this trip, my partner and I wanted to explore more of the city, since I found it quaint and beautiful and loved the scenery and buzzing local life. 

The Imagine Museum

I saw a video of this one incredible installation that was mind-bending to watch, and when I found out that this was at The Imagine Museum in St. Petersburg, I just already knew this was at the top of the list of galleries and museums to visit. 

It is a museum filled with cool and amazing glass sculptures and a few paintings. There were a few sculptures who really played around with the textures of the glass: made it soft, created illusions, or made their art and sculptures with different mediums. It was an extraordinary experience and I wish I could share the entire exhibition, but these were some of the works that really captured me.  

This was the incredible art installation I was referring to!

Sunken Gardens

Another place we visited was this beautiful garden that was as lush as a tropical paradise! It was filled with gorgeous greenery, tall trees, and colorful flowers - it was like walking through the Garden of Eden! It was full of life and mother nature, and it was probably one of my favorite attractions. It was another incredible experience - minus the extreme heat and humidity of Florida that dampened my cardigan and jeans with sweat! 

I was definitely excited for a trip to the famous beaches like Clearwater, Treasure Island, Madeira, and St. Petersburg beach as well as see the Sky Bridge! Unfortunately, not all sightings were able to be fitted into this weekend trip. Hopefully, the next time we will visit we'll be able to go to those places!

Of course, we are still under a pandemic - but we made sure we brought our masks and hand sanitizers! 

Have you been anywhere interesting this past summer? Or do you have an exciting trips in the future? 


Thank you all for your lovely comments :) I will get back to most of you as soon as possible, so make sure you are checking back x


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