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One of the things Jesus and I have in common is that we both have a sweet tooth and we're huge on anything with sugar. This summer, we embarked on a journey to find and try out some of what we think are the best spots to get yourself a small sweet snack. Or you can visit any number of them to satisfy those sweet cravings. From Lower Manhattan to Midtown, here are some of our favourite places to indulge in sweetness. 

Surreal Creamery

This place is for anyone who is a sugar-junkie! Surreal Creamery is the perfect spot to get sugar-packed ice cream and stunning boba tea topped with colourful soft-serve. When you get the mason jar ice cream, you get to keep the mason jar when you're finished as a little souvenir! It's a great place to go to for a small-budget cute date, or to simply get dessert in the heat of summer – just remember to get plenty of napkins to clean yourself up, as they do melt down the jar if not eaten quickly. If you're new to the city, or just visiting, this is one of the spots to check out.

ChikaLicious Dessert Bar

We actually stumbled upon this place when we wanted to go somewhere to drink 😂 It was a very warm day in the peak of June and we were on our way to get a bottle of wine until we came across ChikaLicious. It was a sophisticated looking dessert bar that was also a wine bar – you could choose from an array of sweets and pastries such as donuts, cake, crême brulée, crêpes, and more! You also have the option to pair it with a specific wine that compliments the taste and flavors. 

For instance, in the photo above, I had a strawberry shortcake that was paired with a Moscati d'Asti, Bricco Quaglia 2020. The light sweetness of the wine was beautiful next to the refreshing and subtle sweet flavor of the strawberry shortcake. Jesus had a doughYAKI creme brulee doughnut paired with a cream sherry. The heavy sweetness of the doughnut and the richness of the sherry was a heaven at the tip of the tongue. We highly recommend this place if you want a light, low-key date night with your boo that's not too fancy but shows effort. 

Prince Tea House

Prince Tea House is one of the favourites in the East Village amongst my friends and peers, so I had to include it in the list. It's the hotspot for students in the area to study in or hang out, but also a great spot to have a nice sweet date; Prince Tea House was actually amongst the first dates Jesus and I went on when we first started dating. 

In this cute cafe in the centre of the East Village, you can find a variety of tea and desserts including mille crepes, panna cotta, milk tea, black tea, oolong tea, and more. It's a beautiful setting, with flowers and minimalist decor and the tea is served in a gorgeous teapot that stays warm on a tealight along with a matching set of teacups and teaspoons. We went in the evening when it was at its peak with foot traffic but we were seated in a nice, low-key corner where we were able to talk. I had a tiramisu which Jesus, who grew up on his grandma's Italian baking, said was close in authenticity to the dessert. Jesus had the Brown Sugar Boba Mille Crepe, a fusion of boba (tapioca pearls) and mille crepe cake with the rich sweetness of brown sugar. This is a must visit for tea lovers everywhere.

Angelina Bakery

An Italian bakeshop with an Asian twist, Angelina bakery is full of great flavors of cream-filled donuts. Residing at the heart of Times Square, it's a cute little stop when you're sauntering around the city and on your way to Hudson Yards, the Vessel, or the Highline. There's a wide variety of pastries and sweets you can choose from – Jesus and I got a box of strawberry filled donuts, brownie squares, cheesecake, as well as strawberry and cream gelato. All were delicious but my favourite was the gelato – a subtle sweet that's not too icy or not too liquid, but the perfect texture and it was perfect to eat during our stroll through the city on that really warm day. We sat down by the Vessel in Hudson Yard where we enjoyed our treats, the view, and each other’s company. There’s more of the bakery we have yet to try, but so far we love Angelina Bakery! 

Do you have any sweet spots in the city that you want to add to the list? Let us know! 


  1. Oh wow, this post made me crave for desserts and at the same time made me want to drink litres of water! Hahahaha!


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