A writer in-the-making, a reader of poetry and stories, a listener of feel-good music and interesting conversations, and a lover of art and culture.

My name is Nicole and I'm a 20 something Freelance Writer. Born in the Philippines, raised in London, and currently living in Orlando, I started this blog to express and share my passions and interests, as well as to document my journey on discovering myself and the world around me.

Through the years, as I'm growing my blog is also evolving. With an intent to inspire, spread ideas, and encourage discussion, I write lifestyle related articles and how tos; reviews and opinions on movies or books; poetry and life updates; travels and explorations; and other creative ventures or new challenges I take on.

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  1. Hey-- I was trying to change your blog button to your new one on my blog, but for some reason it's still only the old one..? Not sure if this is just a glitch in my blog or something, but just thought I'd let you know and see if there was something going on with the coding or something. Sorry to bother you, it's probably just my own glitch, but let me know if you see something and I will try again :)

  2. Hey!

    I studied art in high school...which is about as far as my art knowledge extends, unfortunately!
    I love art theory, though! And fondly studied most artistic movement chronologically.

    Which art movement would you say is your favourite? I really like fauvism.


  3. Hey Nicole! You commented on my blog a while back so I thought I'd check you out; your blog looks pretty! I am also a lit enthusiast (by lit I mean literature, although I would consider myself to be lit as well) and aspiring writer! Question: when you say you're a student, do you mean high school or college? (just curious; I've heard of 16-year-old college students so just wondering if you are one bc that would be SO COOL)

    I'm gonna go patrol the rest of your blog, but just wanted to say this About page is great! ^-^

    O | Life as a Young Lady

  4. Hey Nicole!
    I saw your comment on my site (kashjain.com) about Knives and Daises. I have a few questions for you about it, but I dthink it would be better to ask elsewhere instead of cluttering your comments section. Could you DM me on instagram? My account is kashwrites. Thanks!

  5. YOU AND YOUR BLOG ARE GORGEOUS???? and your writing is slaying me hahaha <3


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